Unvalidated Reviews the fall of TripAdvisor

Unvalidated Reviews - The Fall of TripAdvisor

Imagine waking up one morning and reading an email your employer sent you concerning a TripAdvisor Review that claims you are a pedophile to make things worse the review is online for the whole world to see. It’s only 7 am in the morning, your wife and 3 children are just getting out of bed, Read More

TripAdvisor posts unvalidated review claiming Butlins is full of Pedophiles

TripAdvisor claims Butlins is full of Pedophiles

  An unvalidated TripAdvisor review from a one time unvalidated reviewer claims that Butlins is ” Full of Pedophiles ”     The more than 25 sophisticated filters,AND their team of detectives, AND their community of over 60 million users allowed a ONE TIME unvalidated Reviewer to post an unvalidated review, claiming Butlins is Full Read More

$2M Lawsuit Hangs over Publisher for Defamation

Defamation sueing

A US$2 million damage claim hangs over Mr. Roland Y. Worwee, the publisher of the CORRUPTION WATCH newspaper. In its Friday, September 21 issue, the paper carried a back-page story, headlined:  “UMU President Linked to Sex Scandal—Denies Allegation, But…” and claimed that Rev. Doctor Emmanuel F. Bailey was in a relationship with a lady, (whose Read More

TripAdvisor posts libel review accusing father of three as being a pedophile

Family Stephen Kaufer

  Stefano L, a husband and father of 3 had his reputation and life as he knew it destroyed by TripAdvisor. On August 16 – 2011 TripAdvisor approved and posted a completely unvalidated review from a completely unvalidated user, claiming he was a Pedophile. Stefano and his family tried to contact TripAdvisor numerous times to Read More

New York Assembly Seeks to Restrict Anonymous Free Speech on the Internet


The New York State Assembly has proposed a law that would make sweeping changes to how people communicate on the Internet.  The Bill called the “Internet Protection Act” A:8688 /S.6779 would require the following: A web site administrator upon request shall remove any comments posted on his or her web site by an anonymous poster Read More

TripAdvisor offers zero protection for owners that are being extorded

TripAdvisor Extorsion

Luckily for every establishment owner who had NO choice to be added to TripAdvisor, you can rest assure that TripAdvisor will have NOTHING to do with extortion practices..It’s true, take a look at what they themselves claim about this issue. We take allegations of blackmail or threatening behavior by guests against property owners very seriously. Read More

We are preparing a class action lawsuit against TripAdvisor in the USA and the European Union - Business owners and Lawyers please join us. Tell me more...